DID YOU KNOW - we are BOTH a full service Interior Design Studio AND Licensed General Contractor?

DID YOU KNOW - we are BOTH a full service Interior Design Studio AND Licensed General Contractor?

Unless you like to be super stressed, get overwhelmed with too many choices, waste your time and your money, run around chasing your tail, and hate life, you should hire both a general contractor and an interior designer for your next home remodel.

And what's better than hiring them both at the same time in one location and under one roof? That is where we come in because we are both a full service Interior Design Studio AND General Contractor Company (Lic # 1067716) all in one.

You won't have to hope and pray that your Interior Designer and General Contractor communicate well, have the same work ethic, are on the same page and work well together, you can assume that we do because we are one and the same thing.

Still here???  Smart choice my friends. We like your style already.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of hiring a full-service all in one firm like ours:


When the person who designed your interior is also one of the people in charge of managing the entire project, you can be assured there will be no misinterpretations of the design concept you and your designer painstakingly created. The message often appears to be crystal clear to the original communicator, but one tiny misinterpretation can completely change the meaning and result in a lot of disappointment and something completely different to what you expected.


A general contractor's goal is to follow every blueprint detail to the tee, pass inspections, and get the job done. With that said, all projects run into some unforeseen changes. The GC is on the job site to step in front of any problems that arise when they arise. When this happens, it is crucial that the GC and Interior Designer collaborate to come up with the "best" solutions that are in keeping with the overall design, and not compromise the project. Without the designer's input, unique skills and inherent knowledge of the overall layout/design, mistakes can be easily made. We try to avoid this at all costs.


As an Interior Designer, the ultimate goal is to give the client the home or space of their dreams.  As a General Contractor, the goal is the same. This means you have two points of contact (as well as our subs) with the same end goal in mind looking out for you, and managing your entire project from beginning to end. The benefits of this are:

  • a streamlined workflow, preventing delays and miscommunication
  • work ethic beyond reproach shared by all parties
  • stringent quality control protocols implemented for the project
  • reduced wait times that you’d experience when working with multiple parties
  • two parties in the same office managing and organizing your project
  • two parties working under one roof to prevent miscommunication
  • if a client reaches out with a problem during construction, we are on it and we take on the responsibility of finding a solution for every problem in a timely manner

Shelley Sass Designs and Sass Construction and Design are here to serve you. We have assembled an outstandingly efficient and reliable team (that we love) who are easy to work with, communicate with, and have next-level skills. 

If you are ready to begin planning and discuss your next remodel project, give us a call today on 858-255-9050, or schedule an appointment here.

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