Appliances for our kitchen remodel at #thesasshome and another mention of our awesome #neolith stone

Appliances for our kitchen remodel at #thesasshome and another mention of our awesome #neolith stone

Hello all and I hope that everyone is having a great week so far!
Today I am sharing the appliances and plumbing that we selected for our kitchen remodel, since many people have asked.
And of course another mention of our beautiful #Neolith. sintered stone (porcelain) that we are loving for all of these reasons:
The material is ultra hygienic and sustainable
Resistant to high temperatures
Scratch resistant
Easy to clean
Zero porosity and outstanding mechanical qualities
This material was invented over the past decade to respond to the most demanding architectural and design needs, since it has outstanding technical and aesthetic qualities.
After 6 months of living with this stone, we are so happy and grateful that we collaborated with #Neolith because it is everything we dreamed of the more. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, from a practical perspective it is all the things mentioned above. It is just timeless and pure beauty.
Here is the link for the stone we have in our kitchen.
And now on to our appliances and plumbing.........
Next up is our single oven also by from #Monogram which makes cooking the biggest pleasure. Love how big it is and that it fits two of the large Costco baking trays on a shelf side by side. That is huge! Not to mention how good looking it is. Highly recommend. Here is the link!

Next up is our single oven also by #Monogram located in our island which is super awesome too. We really did not even need the second oven because the range is so big, but because we entertain a lot and we like to bake and cook at the same time, we need two different temperatures hence two ovens. Here is the link.

And now for our microwave drawer by #Sharp. It is so awesome and easy to use, and we love how it just sits in our island not taking up any counter space or cabinetry storage space on the wall. Here is the link.

Next is our range hood insert by #Zephyr. They make really awesome products, it functions really well and it fits beautifully into our stone wrapped hood. Here is the link.

This is our dishwasher by #Thermador. It's ok but to be honest I would not recommend it as it does not dry very well. I think when it comes to dishwashers Bosch and Miele are the way to go.

This is our refrigerator by #Samsung. It's a 23 cu. ft. Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel. Love the look and the space layout inside is great except the ice maker is really bad (does not make enough ice) and unfortunately at the time we purchased it there were not many reviews so we didn't know this! Apparently the new Samsung refrigerators have an ice maker that actually functions.....

This is our sink. It is granite composite made by #Blanco and we absolutely love it. No stains, no scratches and I highly recommend it in any color. The 32" size is great and it functions really well. Definitely purchase the sink grid too, details are next.

Here is the link for the sink grid. It goes at the bottom of the sink to protect it.

This is the faucet we selected from #Kohler and we just love it! Highly recommend. Functions well and the transitional style is awesome.
This is the pot filler we selected from #Newportbrass. At this time Kohler does not make the matching pot filler and hot and cold water dispenser which is why we went with this one. After a lot of searching we found that this color and style were the best match for the Kohler faucet. I have to say this is the biggest treat and luxury and it's a must have in every new kitchen! The color looks a little off here because there wasn't an image available of the finish we chose which is satin bronze #10.
This is the hot and cold water dispenser from #Newportbrass. Another treat if it fits into your budget. The finish shown here is the correct one, the satin bronze #10.
And finally sharing drawings of our kitchen layout and a 3D diagram so that you can put it all into perspective and see how it all fits/works together. The only change we made is that we went with a stone wrapped hood and not with the hood you see in the drawings.
And here is the finished product....
That's all for today and wishing all you a fabulous rest of the week.
Lots of love,
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