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E-Design is a convenient and cost effective way to make use of an Interior Designer's knowledge and experience, without physically having to be in the same place. As an E-Design expert, via the internet and in the comfort of your own home or office, I can help you create the look and feel of what you want to achieve, perfectly suited to your taste, needs and budget, despite time and distance constraints. With face time and email, this process is oh so easy and hassle free. Let's collaborate and allow me to assist you in achieving a well designed and curated space, while taking advantage of my "trade only" resources. 

How E-Design will benefit you:

  • It will save you time - no more hours upon hours of shopping blindly not knowing what you are doing or looking for  

  • It will save you money - I will find the most cost effective solution for you at the best price

  • No more stress - I will help you plan and execute the project on your own timeline

  • You will end up with a beautiful, unique and interesting space/s that you are proud of



You will get:

2 Design Concepts

3 Revisions

Space Planning/Floorplan

Shopping List

$399 per room

Need a little advice and a starting point for your project? 
This package gives you basic design inspiration, some ideas and a solid jumping off point for the layout and design of your space. 


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How E-Design works:

You will need to submit:

  • Photos of your room/s along with all relevant dimensions

  • My completed questionnaire which allows me to determine your style, your budget and your needs for the room

  • Inspirational images of the style, look and feel you would like to achieve


Success! Message received.

How long will the process take?

Please allow 2-3 weeks for me to produce your beautiful E-Design Package once I have received all the information required from you. 


This is going to be so easy for you and so much fun, so don't procrastinate and get the ball rolling today.

You're beautiful new space is only a click away.

Contact me today!

E-Styling by Shelley Sass Designs
Interior Design, Remodeling, Home Staging
Interior Design, Remodeling, Home Staging

Some Tips for a Successful Result:

  • Be up-front about your budget and available resources

  • Measure doorways and hallways, especially if you live in an apartment. Make sure all furniture that you order can get it into your space

  • Send as many inspirational photos as you can, and point out exactly what you like about them. Similarly, reference specific colors or styles you like or dislike. The more specific you are, the better sense I will have of your style

  • Point out any quirks about your space that might not show up in the photographs. For example, mention the location of your living room's cable hookup so you don't get a design plan that places the TV somewhere you can't accommodate it

  • Be clear about the furniture or accessories you'd like to keep, and which pieces you'd like to dispose of

PERFECT candidates for this service are all those who want to:

  • Decorate but have no idea where to begin

  • Figure out a color scheme for your home

  • Restyle a room/s in your home

  • Update your furniture and freshen up the look of your home

  • Need space planning

  • Get your property ready for market

  • Change out tapware, lighting, etc.

  • Gather some new ideas for home improvement

  • Paint your house inside and out

  • Receive validation that you’re on the right track and that your choices will work well and your space will turn out as beautifully as you envisioned

  • Plan a new kitchen or bathroom and you are overwhelmed with the endless options and possible combinations of finishes

  • Build a new house or do a full/part renovation and you want to make sure that all your colors, finishes and choices will work well together 

  • Build a new house or do a full/part renovation and you would like some design ideas





1. E-DESIGN is an online decorating consultation service only. All recommendations are regarded as suggestions to improve the look of your space and not intended for construction purposes.

2. Client agrees to provide full information regarding the client’s requirements for the project.

3. Shelley Sass Designs will perform services as expeditiously as is consistent with professional skill, care and the orderly progress of the e-design project.

4. E-DESIGN client agrees to correspond strictly through online communication. Client also agrees to additional fees of $55 per 15 minute phone call, or $125/hour for in-person visits if requested.

5. Shelley Sass Designs will not be responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery and installation, or safety precautions in connection with the e-design project; for the acts or omissions of the contractor or any, subcontractor, supplier or other person performing the work on the e-design project; or, for any failure of them to meet any schedules or completion dates.

6. Shelley Sass Designs cannot be held responsible for arranging repairs, replacement or freight claims for purchases made in conjunction with recommendations for e-design project. 

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