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Hi friends and welcome to my new recipe series "SSD Delicious Diaries" blog.

Since I love to bake and cook, and often receive requests for recipes, I decided to start this series in which I can share everything delicious (that's what they tell me) that I make. I will include only recipes that have been tried and tested by me, that are super popular, and in most cases easy to make. Not all the recipes will be mine, and if I choose to include them it's because they are awesome and have become favorites.

The first recipe I am sharing is one of mine that I receive requests for most often, and it is for my scones. If you are South African you will relate very well to this, and if you are not, hopefully you will grow to love and appreciate these as much as we South Africans do. These scones are loved by many, and probably the thing that I make most often (usually once every 2 weeks). You can whip these up in about 10 minutes, with a 20-25 minute bake time. They are the perfect thing if you want to take something yummy over to a friend, or make something delectable for tea in the last minute. Us South Africans are big on afternoon tea!

Serve these scones with jam/preserves and cream - see the brand I buy in the images below. Whip the cream with a little sugar - taste it and don't add too much sugar as it will be too sweet.

Here is my recipe which has evolved over the years:

Some serving suggestions below.

These are the rose moulds that I use and you will find these at Michaels. For this recipe you will need 2 of these = 12 scones. Click on the image below for easy online purchasing.

This is the jam/preserves that I use available at Trader Joes. All the flavors are delicious!

This is the cream that I use available at Trader Joes.

So now that you have this recipe, place it in a folder and keep it safe as there will be many more recipes to follows. This is the start of your collection.

Good luck with your baking and I hope that you and whoever you make these for will enjoy them! Please let me know your results or if you have any questions. I would love some feedback.

With Love,

Shelley xxx

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