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Hello friends on this lovely Thursday and I hope this finds you well!

The reason I chose this topic for my blog today is simple..... I keep seeing the most gorgeous nurseries on Pinterest (and everywhere) and decided I just had to design one myself. Also, I LOVE the canvas prints of different animals that I have seen in 90% of nurseries of late. So even if it's done and done again and again, I don't care. I think it's the cutest finishing touch (cherry on the top) ever! (did I mention that I'm an animal lover and head over heels in love with my dog?- hence the animal prints)

Whilst designing a nursery can be super exciting, it can also be super overwhelming at the same time. The decisions that come along with having a baby and raising a tiny human are daunting and endless, and I am here to tell you that at least one of these decisions, like designing your beautiful little human's nursery, can and should be easy, and it should be fun (believe it or not!)

In my usual practical and systemic way, here’s your go-to guide to what you need to know when putting together your new baby’s happy place. The most important thing you can do in creating this space, is to design a nursery that makes you smile and relax, and of course it should not only look outstanding, it should be 100% practical to suit your and your baby's needs.

I have included affiliate links to all items shown below, at no extra cost to you, so all you need to do is click on the image and you will be taken directly to the site to purchase the item, easy as that. Please share with us any purchases you make (by commenting at the end of this blog) as we would love to be part of the fun.

Here goes........

First select your crib:

#1 is to ensure that your crib meets US Safety Standards. This isn’t the place to buy vintage, or repurpose your childhood crib. Safety standards have evolved greatly over the last decade, and since this is the one place you’ll leave your baby alone, it’s worth the piece of mind to invest in a quality baby crib. The crib does not need to cost you a fortune, but should be decent quality as your baby may sleep in their crib for three or more years, and also, if you’re planning on having more children, a good quality crib will last through several children.

Some cribs convert to toddler beds and even full size beds, so be aware of these features when making your selection. A crib that converts to a full size bed may be a moot point though if baby #2 comes along and needs the crib. In terms of the style and look, select a crib that is aesthetically pleasing to you, and If you’re going to be having more kids, keep it gender neutral.

Next select your baby bedding. This is a great place to have fun and bring in your own style. It’s also a great place to incorporate a theme or build a color palette for the space. Be sure you invest in plenty of crib fitted sheets, at least 5-6. You’ll be shocked at how many you’ll go through some days. Crib skirts can add to the overall look, but usually it's all about the comforter. Look for bedding that’s soft to the touch and 100% cotton, to keep baby’s sensitive skin happy. In this post I've included 2 bedding options, one for a girl and the second for a boy.

And now for your dresser and/or change table. In this post I have opted for a dresser instead of a change table as I like the practicality of having a useful piece of furniture with plenty of storage room, and at the same time have the option to put a removable change table on top. The best part is that when you no longer need the change table, you now have a useful dresser to last you for years. Choose storage that fits your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come. Re: removable change table pad, there are many different ones on the market. Do your research and choose one that best suits your needs.

Next is the nursery rocking chair/glider. Never underestimate the importance of this as this is where you are going to be spending A LOT of your time. In short, choose your nursery chair wisely. This may well be the most important purchase you make for your nursery (other than the crib), a comfortable place for you, the exhausted mom, to sit. You’ll sit here to rock your baby to sleep, feed baby, read to baby, laugh with baby, cuddle with baby, maybe even share a good cry with baby at 4am when you are beyond words exhausted and just want to SLEEP! Consider a rocking chair or glider. The movement will help lull your baby to sleep and keep you comfy. Look for a performance fabric (I'm all for this type of fabric these days) that cleans easily and holds up to a lot of use. Choose a chair with arm rests to support your tired arms, that’s roomy enough for your now tiny baby to cuddle up with you, and that has a chair back height that is comfortable for you to rest your head.

If it’s in the budget, invest in a beautiful rocking chair that you can later move to your family room or master bedroom. A high-quality, rocking chair can become a family heirloom that you pass onto your grandkids (many, many, many years from now). Last but not least, be sure your nursery chair is beautiful to you and reflects your taste.

Very important, don’t forget an ottoman, so you can put your feet up…you deserve it, it’s been an extremely long and exhausting day.

Be sure you have a lamp nearby that you can easily reach to switch off once baby is fast asleep.

Now that you have most of the functional pieces for your nursery, you can get to work with the fun part - really decorating the space.

The rug is a great place to start. It can add a lot of personality to the space. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a kids rug. If you have wood flooring, opt for a plush wool or shag rug. It’ll cushion baby as he learns to sit, crawl and walk. If you go the shag route, just be sure the shag is a short pile. Long pile rugs can pose a choking hazard. If you have carpet, opt for a flat weave construction. It will add color to the space without any additional bulk. No matter the construction, choose one that cleans easily because you will definitely be doing that often. Wool rugs can take a beating and clean up beautifully. Some cotton versions can be machine washed. Do your research well in this area so that you are not disappointed.

Window coverings are a very important part of the nursery design, since you’ll likely want your baby to sleep a bit in the middle of the day. Be sure to use a blackout shade or choose draperies with a built in blackout liner. If you have a small space, consider roman shades or short tailored blackout panels. They’ll add far less bulk to the room and help to keep it looking spacious. If you need help with your window covering needs, contact me today, to set up a consultation.

When it comes to decor, the only rule to follow is that there aren’t really rules (other than obviously making sure that everything you select adheres to safety standards for your baby). If you fill your space with things that make you happy, the result will be beautiful and you and baby will love it! Your nursery is a great place to display items that have been handed down through generations, as well as new items that you’re drawn to. The room doesn’t have to scream “baby.” It should be a reflection of your taste and style, the same as the rest of your home. If this nursery is for your second child, consider having your older child make something for the new baby’s room. Perhaps a finger-painting or a drawing that you frame and add to a gallery wall.

That's about it and should cover most of the important pieces that you will need for your nursery.

If you’re still intimidated by the process of the actual design of your nursery, here's an idea - start with color inspiration. Find a photograph of an outfit, a room or a piece of art that has an overall color palette that you find appealing and that you’re drawn to. Then, pull from that. Consider making a Pinterest board to gather ideas, it’ll really help to visualize the space.

Finally, if there is one thing parenting will teach you, it’s to ask for help when you need it. So, ask a friend or ask me, that's what I'm here for. I'd not only be happy and excited to design the whole room for you, I would LOVE it! I can also look over your ideas and give you the thumbs up if that's all you need.

Most importantly remember this. It’s your home. It’s your family. If it makes you smile, then it’s perfect.

Happy designing and decorating! And congrats on your new bundle of joy if he or she is here already here, or if they are on their way. Either way you're in for a treat and it’s going to be an awesome ride.........

Lots of Love,

Shelley xxx

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