How To Style a Coffee Table

Today I am sharing with you the art of styling your coffee table (so that it looks outstanding!) or any flat surface that needs a little personality. Besides your table actually looking awesome, the functionality of the table is just as important, and it should not overwhelm the space.

Before you begin styling your coffee table, make sure that as you select your items, they should reflect your design style and personality, and also fit in with the rest of the room. This is essential if you are to create a cohesive look.

I always like to start the process with a tray or several stacks of books as they provide a great foundation for layering. Books add interest and color and show insight into your hobbies and personality. Trays should be a different material to the surface they are sitting on. Try a lucite (obsessed) or bone inlay tray for something different. Next, I add an interesting bowl or 2. Both trays and bowls are perfect for collecting sunglasses, coasters and remotes, while still managing to look chic and keeping things neat and tidy. They make the items look like they are meant to be there versus being thrown down for lack of another place to put them.

Now is your chance to really have fun and layer your look with knick knacks. Place interesting items on top of, or next to, your books. Heavenly scented candles, cool looking lanterns, unique vases and pots, interesting little statues of all kinds, matchboxes, paperweights, shells or a piece of coral are a few of my go-to items. Combine textures and shapes, round with square and shiny with matt finish pieces. These pieces are your chance to add a natural element for texture and interest.

Bookends, candle sticks of different shapes and heights ,an hourglass or pendulum, are all great ways of adding dimension to your table. And for some fun, add a game that you and family love to play be it a board game, a puzzle or tic tac toe.

Last but not least, add fresh flowers and/or plants. These are an absolute staple and a must. In my opinion, no table is complete without some green or floral. AND, make sure that the pot your plant sits in, or the vase that holds your flowers is unique, beautiful and interesting. Something that you probably never realized is that a gorgeous vase or pot is a great opportunity to take your look to the next level of "awesomeness".

There you have it, have fun glamming up your coffee table. Try these tricks and you will rock the look flawlessly.

Below I have included a few images to get those creative juices flowing, most of which come from my own projects. To view my projects click here.

Also, as a great resource to you is my Pinterest Board on "Coffee Table, Side Table, Console Table and Accent Table Decor". Be sure to take a look at that board by clicking HERE, and also the MANY other boards (over 100) that I have compiled as a FREE resource to all of you. When you visit my Boards please remember to "Follow" me, and that way you will stay in the loop and have access to all of my continued pins.

Hope that everyone enjoyed reading this and enjoy the rest of your week!


Shelley XOX

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