How to Design a Living Room or Family Room, and then "Let's go Shopping"

Hi Friends,

I'm using this project to explain to you a little about my design process, and in this case it involves a living room design. My inspiration for this living room design came from a piece of art that I walked past hanging on a wall in Nordstrom. My inspiration (and excitement) often comes from art, from a rug, a unique or stunning piece of furniture, a beautiful piece of fabric, a gorgeous textured wallpaper, and so on.

If you look at the mood board below, you will see very quickly how all the pieces play a roll, and how they work cohesively together. Of course, after installation, we will address the accessory part of this story, that is the last thing to consider.

Why did I select this art as my inspiration? I love the colors and how they work together which is probably because the blue and orange are opposite each other on the color wheel, which makes them complementary colors, and complementary colors when used together, are always especially dynamic and pleasing to the eye.

Why did I select the cognac sofa? I see cognac as a neutral color, I like the warmth it brings to the story, and also orange and cognac are shades of one another, which is always a winning combination.

Why did I select the navy chair? I love it's interesting style, great proportions, and how it picks up the "navy" in the artwork and pillows tying everything together.

Why did I select the coffee table? I always like to include a white marble top table of some sort in every design that I do, as I love it's light (color) effect, and the gold/brass legs finish this table off beautifully.

Why did I select the acrylic table? Don't ask me why but of late I am totally obsessed with acrylic/lucite. Maybe it's because of it's retro look, dating back to the 1930s, bringing something interesting from a different era into the mix. Also, clear furniture and accessories are visually light, they are neutral (unless tinted), and work with everything. Stylistically, it's kind of the same story - acrylic decor is like a chameleon, it'll vibe with pretty much any decor style.

Why did I select the gold leaf console? I love the mixed materials of the metal leaf and antiqued glass and how they interact, and I think the metal sunburst handles in the matching leaf finish are just perfect.

Why did I select the rug? The rug has enough color to be interesting but not overbearing. The neutral background with blue accents is perfect, picks up the blue in the art and chair, and the vintage over dyed look is what I'm loving these days!

Why did I select the chandelier? I like how it brings another material and texture into the mix and the light color of it.

Why did I select the tree? You ALWAYS have to have a ton of green in your home, I personally have 22 real live plants/trees in my own home and I love them. I went with a faux fiddle leaf fig tree as this one in particular looks quite live and works well in most homes in one area or another. Live fiddle leaf fig trees, as beautiful as they are, are incredibly difficult to grow, which makes this faux one a great solution.

Why did I select the throw pillows? Very simple, they tie everything together beautifully picking up all the colors in the art and the furniture. In addition, they are interesting, a variety of sizes, and filled with texture which is alway imperative.

Below I have shown each of the items, with a direct link to purchase for your ease (please note that this post contains some affiliate links and any sales made through such links, will reward me a small commission – at no extra cost to you).


Lucite/Acrylic Accent Table

Marble Top Coffee Table

Occasional/Accent Chair

Cognac Leather Sofa

Gold Leaf Antique Mirror Console

Shell Chandelier

Power Loomed Rug

Throw Pillow #1

Throw Pillow #2

Throw Pillow #3

Throw Pillow #4

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Thanks for joining me and reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment below if you wish, let us all know if you purchase anything, and let me know if you have any questions.

To schedule an appointment or to chat about your project you can reach me at 858-255-9050 or email me here.

"Happy Shopping" to all of you!

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