How to arrange throw pillows on your sectional

This is an older blog post but I believe it did not go out to my entire mailing list, and as a result I decided to republish it. If you have already read this please bare with me, and if you have not, I hope you enjoy it...........

This is one of the most popular interior decorating questions that I get asked, so I thought I would address it. If these pillow styles and colors below are not really your thing, don't fret, this is more about the pillows from a size and combination perspective i.e. what size do I need, what style do I need, how many of each do I need, and how do I put them together? No matter what colors you choose, the same principles apply. Of course the color combinations you choose are super important, and by looking at my mood boards below you will get an idea of my thought process and how I combine the colors, sizes and textures, but if you need any assistance with this or anything else interior design related, you know where to find me -

858-255-9050 or email me here.

I have included 2 different color palette scenarios below with details and links to each of these pillows should you wish to purchase any, and the mood boards below are pretty self explanatory.

Hope this is helpful and all that's left to say is: HAPPY PILLOW SHOPPING!


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