Aboriginal Art - one of my most favorite styles of art

Having lived in Australia for 9 years, and being the owner one of these gorgeous pieces myself, I have a huge love for Aboriginal Art. Not only is it beautiful to look at, each piece is unique, one of a kind, special in it's own way, and a really great investment. Investing in this art has been a financially rewarding activity for the well informed astute collector for many years.

Although Australian Aboriginals Artists used ochres as body paint and on bark and rocks for tens of thousands of years, it was not until the 1930’s that the first actual paintings were created. These were not done in ochre or in dot art, but in water color at the Hermannsburg mission near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia.

There is no written language for Australian Aboriginal people, so in order for them to convey their important cultural stories, and pass on information to preserve their culture through the generations, they are portrayed by symbols and icons through their artwork. The use of these symbols (see examples below) is an alternate way for them to write their stories of cultural heritage and significance, teaching survival and use of their land.

Below are several artworks to peruse for your enjoyment. I have to say, my favorites are the top abstract pieces, colorful or black and white, but the lower down images featuring animals are very popular too and appreciated by many.

I have also included some images of Aboriginal Art displayed in homes to give you an idea of the look and feel it evokes. Of course in real life these pieces are out of this world outstanding!

If you decide that you HAVE to have one of these awesome Aboriginal Art pieces to make a real statement in your home or office, and you'd like to know more about where to find them, contact me at 858-255-9050 or send me an email here.

To view many more Aboriginal works, visit my Pinterest board by clicking here.


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