Let's Go Shopping #4 - Dining Rooms

Welcome to the fourth in my "Let's Go Shopping" series, and judging from my pins on Pinterest, people are loving this series. Last month 2 out of the 5 of my top pinned impressions were from this series. Yahoo I love it!!

Today we're shopping for dining room furniture. I'm featuring two dining tables and a bunch of different chairs that would all work well, depending on your style and your budget. Enjoy reading below, and this time, if you wish to purchase anything, click on the image and you will be taken to the "Contact" page of my website, where you can send me a message. Obviously there are a lot more options and variations where these items below come from, so feel free to contact me anytime with questions, and of course if you wish to purchase anything. By purchasing directly through me, since I am eligible for trade discounts, I can offer you a discount off MSRP.

First up is this outstanding pedestal dining table perfectly at home on a terrace or in the dining room. Available in multiple color options, and you can pair the pedestals with a coordinating top for a classic monochromatic look, or go for contrast (different color top and pedestals) to keep things interesting. Either way, this table makes a dramatic statement, and the slab-style surface adds a modern touch to the more traditional lines. This table is artfully shaped from reconstituted stone, with subtle imperfections that imply the lived-in look of well-loved pieces.

Measurements: 94.5"W x 41.5”D x 31.5”H

I have selected this table as my second option today as it is round so it offers a variation. This table is all about balance: the round and the angular, cool finish against warm, and a mix of weather-friendly materials that sit well indoors or out. It’s about character, too, which is why the reconstituted stone top (which sits on a teak base) has been carefully designed with the subtle imperfections you’d expect from natural stone. Available in multiple color options.

Measurements: 55”DIAM x 32.5”H

And now for a series of dining chair options and I have to say that I love them all so much, that I would have a hard time selecting one. Below an iconic silhouette gets an update in four different colors (shown below). This downsized version has the curved back of a traditional Windsor, but it's compact frame gives it a modern edge. There's even a little dip in the seat to cradle you in comfort. Go fun or go formal – this suits both looks beautifully. Gorgeously crafted of solid wood.

Here, artisans start with a beautifully proportioned mahogany frame and achieve gorgeous texture by weaving the rattan to display subtle variations in tone. Somehow rattan has a power to elevate without a lot of fuss, and everything about this chair reflects thoughtful design – from the gently angled lines to the brass end caps on each leg. It’s a great way to bring some natural glamour to the table. Available with a perfectly tailored cushion and as a side chair in colors shown below.

This is all about bringing easy elegance to the table. Made of hand-shaped, handwoven rattan, this chair has a natural beauty that relaxes the room. The slender frame features a slight lean for comfort and the tailored cushion adds a bit of polish. The graceful swoop of the base mimics the look of a skirted chair while retaining a stylish airiness.

For something more timeless, this is your answer. Versatile and one of those pieces you can keep forever in your mix. Clean lines make for the perfect design opportunity – dress it up with linen, relax the look with rich suede, have fun with a little pattern, or even go for leather. Available in multiple colors some of which are shown below.

The classic 1930's European bistro chair, reinterpreted, that's what we have here, and boy do I LOVE it! Handcrafted of lightweight rattan and woven plastic seats, this chair is fabulously family-friendly and great for the kitchen or the patio. (Just remember to store it indoors when the rains come.) For versatility, a slight variation in how the colors are woven, makes these chairs awesome for mixing and matching. Available in all colors variations shown below.

And now for the finishing touch, last but not least, these beyond exquisite chandeliers, without which any story would not be incomplete. Again, very hard to choose one as they are all so beautiful, but together we can figure out your style and needs and make a great selection. Let's collaborate and work together to achieve your dining room goals.

And now all that's left to say is HAPPY SHOPPING! You know where to find me, so don't hesitate to contact me, and I would love to assist you with your dining room design.

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