Roller Shades - one of the most popular window treatments around

Roller Shades are repeatedly month after month one of my top Pin impressions on Pinterest, and this tells me that they are obviously something that people are interested in and want to know more about, so that’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

Before I go into an explanation, I would like to share (as most people don't know) that I deal directly with two reputable companies that sell this product and I have supplied them to many clients over the years who have all been exceptionally happy.

This classic window covering has remained popular for many years due to it's timeless style and simplicity. In addition to looking great in it's modern, clean, minimalistic and simple way, this blind style is also highly effective at doing the things homeowners need their window treatments to do, like blocking light and UV rays, whilst still letting the desired amount of light in, and providing privacy if need be.

Roller shades are available in room darkening, light filtering or blackout fabric, and in a variety of different fabrics, colors and textures. The valances/cornices also come in a multitude of styles. Roller shades are easy to clean and unlike many other types of blinds and shades that feature folds, slats, and louvres, roller shades consist of a headrail and one solid piece of fabric or synthetic material that stretches the length of your window when fully extended. That means that these window coverings are also less likely to accumulate dirt and dust.

Roller shades have a cordless option as well as a motorized option if you desire more than the standard manual operation. The cordless options are obviously more sleek looking due to the chain not being visible. Roller shades can be outside or inside mount and the idea of a roller shade is pretty simple, when lowered, the shade hangs flat near the window pane and when raised, it rolls up onto a cylindrical rod. Roller shades are available as a double or single roll, whatever best suites your needs - some people go for the double roll which consists of a sheer fabric on one roll and a blackout fabric on the other roll.

As is evident in the images below, roller shades are suitable for ANY room in your home bar none, and although they are perceived as providing a more modern look, they look great with just about any style, and since I'm all for mixing styles resulting in an eclectic look, I love this concept.

Enjoy the images below and click on any of them to take you directly to my Roller Shades Pinterest Board filled with lots of inspiration and ideas.

If you would like to set up an appointment with me for a consultation on these window treatments (or any others), you can contact me here.

Happy viewing!

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