This is going to save you, make you look AMAZING to those who count, take your stress away, and make

I've definitely saved you this time and made your life stress free and so easy that you don't even need to move! This is IT for all those in search of the perfect Mother's Day gift.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that TIME IS RUNNING OUT but guess what? ............. IT IS!!

With only 5 days to go to Mother's Day, you'd BETTER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FAST!

So, if you're a dad and if you take advantage of this offer, you'll be winning on two fronts:

First: your wife will think you're the best thing since sliced bread because YOU thought of this incredibly awesome idea all by yourself, and

Second: your kids will think you're the best person on the planet because YOU made them look so amazing to their mom by coming up with this outstanding idea

And if you're a mom, you'll be winning too as your mom will think you're the most thoughtful, wonderful, kind and caring daughter in the whole wide world!

(don't worry, we won't let any of them know that you had a little coaching and encouragement - nudge nudge wink wink say no more!)

Let's make this easy as I like to keep things simple. Here is how this works, and this is what am I offering:

I will spend 2 hours with your wife or mother – in her space – to collaborate and create a plan for her Interior Design project.

We can do this in 1 of 2 ways:

1) In person within a 12 mile radius of Carmel Valley, San Diego

2) Via E Styling from any destination world wide.

We will talk about:

Colors - both paint (interior and exterior) and decor

Floor Plan


Furniture Placement /Space Planning

Window Treatment Ideas

Resources for flooring, textiles, furniture and accessories

Remodel Ideas

Home Staging Ideas

Determining a budget required to achieve Interior Design goals

Heck, we can actually talk about anything Interior Design related, it's all up to the client.

And all of this for only $250.

TO TAKE ADVANTAGE of this fabulous (and hassle free ) offer, please contact me here, or call me on 858-255-9050, or email me at:

Any and all questions welcome so please be in touch any time.

Last but not least, I look forward to being part of your Mother's Day solution, and I'm super excited to meet your loved ones in the near future.


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