Let's go Shopping #1- Eclectic Boho Style

Sharing some fun ideas today for those in the mood to go shopping (from your laptop, phone or ipad). Below is a little story that I think would work really well for a fun, eclectic, cozy (always) and transitional look in a family room, bonus room, or even a casual living room.

To purchase any of these items simply click on the relevant image below, and you will go directly to the website where you can purchase with one easy click. I also created a Pinterest board with all these items on them that you can easily access by clicking on the mood board below.

Questions? Please feel free to leave comments below or email me at: shelley@shelleysassdesigns.com any time. I would be happy to help.

Happy shopping and please do comment below with the results of your purchases.

First up is this awesome throw pillow with a distressed over-dyed cotton denim base and really cute pom-pom detail on the corners. It's uniqueness immediately won my praise. Pair this with 2 -3 different pillows of similar tones and subtle detail and you will have a winner! Need some pillow ideas? Comment below and I will be happy to make suggestions.

Next up is this stunning one-of-a-kind overdyed vintage oriental hand-knotted wool area rug. This will steal the show for sure. If this is too small you can always layer it with a larger natural sisal rug as in the image below. This is a great trick that works really well and when you have a rug that is smaller, you can still get the look for less money. Yes?

This is an option for rug layering as I mentioned above. Natural sisal is always awesome and will work really well when layering and they come in many different colors (lighter or darker).

And then let's throw in one or two of these funky faux fur ottomans. Always a great addition from both an aesthetic as well as functional standpoint. As far as I'm concerned, you always have to have something fur (or faux fur) in the mix to make things interesting. Love love love these!

And now for our occasional chair - 1 or 2 of these depending on your space restrictions. I always love to bring in the color cognac for the warmth, and leather to mix up your materials to create texture and interest.

The room would not be complete without this awesome glamorous glow which combines burnished bronze frames and graduated columns of shining optic acrylic elements. Can't go wrong with this beauty!

And now for the sofa, loving this style, all 96" of it. Tons of colors to choose from as well as 3 different cushion fills. Only thing that I would like to point is that I usually prefer my clients to actually physically sit on sofas (or any seating) to feel the comfort. This is SO important. Buying one of these online from an image is very tempting, but can be tricky because for that reason.

Next up is the coffee table. This table has a polished steel frame beautifully and seamlessly welded and is topped with a warm veined marble from Greece called Volakas. The marble is clear coated for protection and this makes it perfect for everyday use. Love the look!

Throwing in a another throw pillow just for good measure. This is the perfect blend of rustic chic and is 100% woven cotton with 100% braided natural jute fibers. Loving the texture this brings to our story and this is sure to add charm to your space.

And the story would not be complete without a plant (or 3 as I just LOVE everything green!) and in this case the faux fiddle leaf fig tree. This gorgeous silk plant looks just like the real thing. You will fall in love with the versatility and elegance this tree will bring to your aesthetic, and it will do so much more than just fill a space.

Although I am a huge proponent of real plants vs faux, there definitely is a time and place for a "fakey" (as I call them). These fiddle leaf fig trees are one of the most popular trees used in design these days (and you can see why), but also one of the most difficult (if not impossible) to grow. Bring on the "fakey"!

This particular tree is a little pricey (as the really good quality ones generally are), but I wanted to give you the look and the option. For anyone interested in purchasing one of these for less money, I have another source but could not include it here, so please email me for more details at: shelley@shelleysassdesigns.com.

This is the last item I am including in our story. When I came across this pillow I just had to include it as I could not resist those stylish fabulous tassels. Comfort and style are combined in this warm and cozy chunky knit lumbar pillow. And now that we have pom poms AND tassels in the mix (first pillow above), we are all set, two of my favorite things!!!


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