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Hi friends and welcome to my new recipe series "SSD Delicious Diaries" blog. Since I love to bake and cook, and often receive requests for recipes, I decided to start this series in which I can share everything delicious (that's what they tell me) that I make. I will include only recipes that have been tried and tested by me, that are super popular, and in most cases easy to make. Not all the recipes will be mine, and if I choose to include them it's because they are awesome and have become favorites. The first recipe I am sharing is one of mine that I receive requests for most often, and it is for my scones. If you are South African you will relate very well to this, and if you are not, hop

Shelley's Best #5

Hi, and I hope that everyone is doing well and having a great week! It's been a while and I'm sorry for that but things have been a little crazy here at SSD central! That's a good crazy, with 2 master and secondary bathroom remodels going on, a lot of space planning and furniture sourcing, window treatments, flooring, painting and more..... Yes it's been super exciting and more importantly, a lot of fun! I know I'm a little late for Father's Day, but I am still going to include a few items for the men in our lives whom we love, because this will give you some ideas, and you can easily physically go into the store and purchase the item. Since Summer is finally upon us in San Diego, I think I

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