Let's Go Shopping for Thanksgiving QUICK 'cos time is running out! Here is EVERYTHING you wi

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday and as the saying goes, "Better late than never". So for all those "last minuters" who have been too busy to even think about this before, here is everything you will need to make your Thanksgiving table gorgeous and yes, you are correct, it is way too late to order anything online and expect to receive it on time, but here are 2 solutions: 1) you can opt for overnight or second day delivery or 2) you can order online and then on the checkout page you can opt to pick up your items from the store closest to you. The pick up option is not always available on all goods but it often is so it's worth checking out. All these items are sourced from Cost Plus Wo

How To Style a Coffee Table

Today I am sharing with you the art of styling your coffee table (so that it looks outstanding!) or any flat surface that needs a little personality. Besides your table actually looking awesome, the functionality of the table is just as important, and it should not overwhelm the space. Before you begin styling your coffee table, make sure that as you select your items, they should reflect your design style and personality, and also fit in with the rest of the room. This is essential if you are to create a cohesive look. I always like to start the process with a tray or several stacks of books as they provide a great foundation for layering. Books add interest and color and show insight into

My "New Beginnings Project"

Hello friends and Happy Halloween to you all! I hope that this finds you well and I hope that everybody is having a great week so far! I know that I am having a great week working on numerous exciting projects ranging from complete home furniture and accessory selections to partial home refreshing projects to bathroom remodels. I am going to keep this short and sweet as time is definitely of the essence these days, with so little time to spare. Wanted to share some images of this project that I completed a few months ago (yes it has taken me this long to post!!) I loved every second of this project and my client was and is the loveliest lady, easy going and open to many different ideas and o

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