How to Design a Living Room or Family Room, and then "Let's go Shopping"

Hi Friends, I'm using this project to explain to you a little about my design process, and in this case it involves a living room design. My inspiration for this living room design came from a piece of art that I walked past hanging on a wall in Nordstrom. My inspiration (and excitement) often comes from art, from a rug, a unique or stunning piece of furniture, a beautiful piece of fabric, a gorgeous textured wallpaper, and so on. If you look at the mood board below, you will see very quickly how all the pieces play a roll, and how they work cohesively together. Of course, after installation, we will address the accessory part of this story, that is the last thing to consider. Why did I sele

How to arrange throw pillows on your sectional

This is an older blog post but I believe it did not go out to my entire mailing list, and as a result I decided to republish it. If you have already read this please bare with me, and if you have not, I hope you enjoy it........... This is one of the most popular interior decorating questions that I get asked, so I thought I would address it. If these pillow styles and colors below are not really your thing, don't fret, this is more about the pillows from a size and combination perspective i.e. what size do I need, what style do I need, how many of each do I need, and how do I put them together? No matter what colors you choose, the same principles apply. Of course the color combinations you

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