E Design - The Smith's Eclectic Living Room

Hello Friends on this awesome Thursday! Today I'm sharing with you my latest E Design project that I recently completed for "The Smith's". The Smith's were looking to revamp their living space with decor that reminds them of some of their travels. They wanted an open, functional space that has a relaxed feel incorporating a mix of textures and colors. They love pops of green paired with warm, rich tones, as well as unique looking furniture that speaks to their worldly style. The design below is what I came up with and happily The Smith's LOVED it! Needs: paint, sofa, additional seating for entertaining, coffee table, decorative accessories, window treatment, new rug, art and pillows As an E

#tierrasantaproject Master Bath Remodel

I am beyond excited to bring to you our latest renovation - #tierrasantaproject master bathroom remodel. I am over the moon with the results, and even happier that my awesome clients feel the same way, and they now have the most gorgeous and stylish bathroom. Keep reading and enjoy the images below, and do scroll all the way to the bottom because only when you see the before images will you realize what a true transformation this is. Loving the pivot mirrors and cylinder vanity lights in a brushed nickel finish. The back wall is tiled in a flat porcelain white subway tile (herringbone pattern), floor to ceiling, and the side walls are tiled (stacked) floor to ceiling in a 12x24 flat porcelai

Let's Go Shopping #4 - Dining Rooms

Welcome to the fourth in my "Let's Go Shopping" series, and judging from my pins on Pinterest, people are loving this series. Last month 2 out of the 5 of my top pinned impressions were from this series. Yahoo I love it!! Today we're shopping for dining room furniture. I'm featuring two dining tables and a bunch of different chairs that would all work well, depending on your style and your budget. Enjoy reading below, and this time, if you wish to purchase anything, click on the image and you will be taken to the "Contact" page of my website, where you can send me a message. Obviously there are a lot more options and variations where these items below come from, so feel free to contact me an

Roller Shades - one of the most popular window treatments around

Roller Shades are repeatedly month after month one of my top Pin impressions on Pinterest, and this tells me that they are obviously something that people are interested in and want to know more about, so that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Before I go into an explanation, I would like to share (as most people don't know) that I deal directly with two reputable companies that sell this product and I have supplied them to many clients over the years who have all been exceptionally happy. This classic window covering has remained popular for many years due to it's timeless style and simplicity. In addition to looking great in it's modern, clean, minimalistic and simple way, this b

Rustic Romance - it gets me every time

Rustic Romance. There is something from just the name of this that I find so inviting, intriguing and totally appealing. It implies balancing Old World Elegance with Rustic Charm. It implies an eclectic (a style that comprises heterogeneous elements — a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors) mix of old and new styles. Whilst I pride myself on appreciating and respecting all Interior Design styles, I have to admit that this is definitely one of my favorites (in case you didn't figure that out yet!). That said, I'm all for adding a little Boho, Mid Century Modern or Scandinavian Style into the mix to make it truly eclectic. The secret is to combine just the right amount

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