E-DESIGN - and what it's all about

Today I am talking about my E-DESIGN Service because it has come to my attention that most people don't know what it is, what it involves, or that I even offer it as a service. So here goes....... 1) WHAT IS E-DESIGN: E-Styling (also known as Electronic Styling) is a convenient and cost effective way to make use of an Interior Designer's knowledge and experience, without physically having to be in the same place. As an E-Styling expert, via the internet and in the comfort of your own home or office, I can create the look and feel of what you wish to achieve, perfectly suited to your taste, needs and budget, despite time and distance constraints. With face time, skype and email, this process

"Great Finds for the Best Look at the Best Prices" #2

It's been a while since my last blog in this series: "Great Finds for the Best Look at the Best Prices", and I was recently looking at H & M Home online, and came across these really cool pieces. They are just a great look at the perfect affordable price. I decided to stop at 10 pieces, but let me tell you, I could easily have gone on to one hundred. Look below and let me know what you think. And if you wish to purchase anything, click on the image, and it will take you directly to the H & M Home website, it's as easy as that. Happy Shopping! (ps if you do end up buying anything please let us all know in the comments at the end of this blog, we would all love to share in your fun!) Embroide

Let's Go Shopping #3 - Modern Glamour with an Eclectic Twist

Pretty pastels and classic furnishings meet global patterns and tons of texture to create a living room with star quality. With glamorous gold accents and luxe textiles, these finds are spot-on for creating a space that’s ladylike with an edge. Click on the images below and you will go directly to the One Kings Lane website for easy purchasing. And as always, if you need advice or have any questions, click here to contact me. First up, this upholstered gorgeous sea glass velvet sofa is an elegant and earth-friendly addition to the sophisticated home. A fun little accessory, this hinged box trimmed with seven layers of silver leaf, brings an undeniable sense of interest to a coffee table, des

Happy Mother's Day

To all you Special Moms out there - may your Mother’s Day be filled with Happiness & Love! For the strength and love, and the constant care you give, we honor the rockstar mothers that do so much. From the team at Shelley Sass Designs, We hope all you moms have the best Mother’s Day ever! #interiordesign #remodeling #homestaging #interiorstylist #interiorinspiration #interiors

This is going to save you, make you look AMAZING to those who count, take your stress away, and make

I've definitely saved you this time and made your life stress free and so easy that you don't even need to move! This is IT for all those in search of the perfect Mother's Day gift. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you that TIME IS RUNNING OUT but guess what? ............. IT IS!! With only 5 days to go to Mother's Day, you'd BETTER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER FAST! So, if you're a dad and if you take advantage of this offer, you'll be winning on two fronts: First: your wife will think you're the best thing since sliced bread because YOU thought of this incredibly awesome idea all by yourself, and Second: your kids will think you're the best person on the planet because YOU made them look so am

If you are searching for the perfect rug this is definitely worth the read. Did I mention that I LOV

As a designer, often a great starting point of decorating a room is the floor. This is because it can be a really good way of establishing your color palette and giving direction to your project. In thinking about how floors are embellished, we need to consider a few factors. Rugs pull rooms together as they establish a relationship by incorporating the furniture in a particular space. They can draw pieces together resulting in a more conversational pattern. They also define a space by drawing a visible line around all the pieces, both uniting them and/or dividing them from the rest of the room/s. They also show off your style and make a bold statement that sometimes you’d rather your furnit

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