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Sharing one of my top pin impressions on Pinterest over the last 30 days. This image was pinned by me on 7 October 2017, and already received 1859 re-pins. Visit my Pinterest boards at They are a wealth of information for everything Home Building and Home Improvement related (and much more), and are sure to keep you busy for hours........ To visit this particular bathroom pin click here.


What is E-Design, also known as Online Interior Design? E-Design is a convenient and cost effective way to make use of an Interior Designer's knowledge and experience without physically having to be in the same place. As an E-Design expert, I can create the look and feel of what my clients want to achieve, despite time and distance constraints. How E-Design will benefit you It will save you time - no more hours upon hours of shopping blindly not knowing what you are looking for It will save you money - I will find the most cost effective solution for you No more stress - you can execute the project on your own timeline You will end up with a beautiful, unique and interesting space/s How E-De

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